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Cat Veterinarian in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Cats are fascinating, quirky, and lovable companions that leave a lasting imprint on our lives. At The Cat Doctor, a feline-only, Cat Friendly Certified practice, we cherish your companion as if they were our own. Our skilled cat veterinarian and dedicated staff offer a welcoming environment that provides services to meet your companion’s every need, from wellness care and parasite prevention to teeth cleaning. Our goal is to ensure that your cat remains healthy, content, and a part of your life for as long as possible.

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Meet Our Team

With a clinic that is designed to suit your pet’s feline sensibilities, we look forward to being a constant and supportive part of your lifelong journey together.

Services We Offer

Keeping your cat healthy is an ongoing responsibility that we’re happy to help you with. Veterinary services we can provide for them include:

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If you're passionate about caring for felines and their people, we might have a career opportunity for you! See what positions we have available and send us your application if you're interested!

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What Cat Friendly Certified Really Means

It might go without saying that we are a cat-friendly hospital, but being Cat Friendly Certified means something more. As a team and as a practice, we treat our feline patients in a way that caters to their needs and comforts above all else. Our facility, services, and protocols are all designed to reduce stress in cats, help them feel more relaxed with us, and make bringing them to the vet significantly easier for everyone involved.

Taking cats out of their home environment can be a challenge, but this also prevents them from getting essential care. We hope to change that, and give cats and their devoted families more healthy, happy years together. Call us today at (414) 272-2287

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