Offering Comfortable Cat Boarding in Milwaukee WI

Cat Boarding In Milwaukee Wi

If you are looking to board your feline family member with people you can trust to provide for all their needs and comforts, look no further. The Cat Doctor offers a warm and welcoming home away from home for your cat, along with a skilled veterinarian during regular office hours to provide medical care if needed. Your companion is in gentle, loving hands with our team, and if they require any additional services while they’re with us, be sure to let us know!

Call us today at  (414) 272-2287 to book a boarding reservation.

Preparing Your Cat for Boarding

To ensure that your cat is ready to board and will have the best possible experience during their stay, please make sure of the following:

  • All your cat’s vaccinations are up-to-date
  • They received a negative fecal exam result in the last 12 months
  • They are up-to-date with their flea and tick prevention
  • Any medications they have are filled and in their proper containers
  • If you have special instructions for our team, please provide a list for us to follow
  • Have all food/medication containers and any other items labeled with your cat’s name
  • At this time we are only accepting cat's that are currently medical clients for boarding.

What Our Facility Offers

At The Cat Doctor, we have individual cat rooms for all our feline guests so they can settle in and relax. As a Cat Friendly Practice, your pet’s well-being and overall comfort are always our priority. Their room and litter box are cleaned out daily, they’ll always have fresh water, and our team will give your companion lots of love and attention whenever possible.

Creating a cat boarding space that is stress-free, cozy, and suited to every feline’s needs is important to us. If you have any questions about boarding your cat or about our facility, please call (414) 272-2287 today.

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