Providing Spay and Neuter Surgeries and Other Procedures in Milwaukee WI

spay and neuter milwaukee wi

Our team performs a wide variety of surgeries for cats, including spay and neuter procedures. Spaying and neutering prevents unwanted litters and helps to keep shelter numbers down. It can also decrease the number of strays in our community and potentially provide cats with various long-term health benefits. At The Cat Doctor, we recommend spay and neuter surgeries based on different factors, including size and health history. We will want to see your cat for an evaluation and blood work to ensure that their spay/neuter surgery is the best and safest choice for them.

To request an appointment to discuss your cat’s spay or neuter options, call us at (414) 272-2287 today.

The Benefits of Spaying and Neutering for Cats

Spaying and neutering are not just for preventing pregnancies and litters. They can also:

  • Reduce your cat’s risk of developing uterine, ovarian, or mammary gland tumors (females)
  • Reduce your cat’s risk of developing testicular or prostate cancer (males)
  • Reduce or prevent hormonal behaviors including vocalizing, aggressiveness, and spraying

Better long-term health and improved behavior can help to strengthen the bond between your cat and the rest of your family, and potentially increase their lifespan, too.

spay and neuter milwaukee wi

What to Expect with Your Cat’s Surgery

Safety, comfort, and a swift recovery are our priorities with every surgery. Before going into surgery, your cat will undergo an examination and blood work so we can assess their health and make sure anesthesia carries minimal risk for them. We will also administer the anesthesia based on their weight and provide constant monitoring of your pet’s vital signs throughout their surgery.

We’ll provide comprehensive pain management to help your feline family member recover smoothly at home following their procedure. Our team will also give you clear, step-by-step instructions so you can oversee your pet’s recovery and ease them back into their usual routine.

We encourage you to contact us at (414) 272-2287 if you ever have any questions or concerns! If needed, we can help you schedule a follow-up appointment so we can discuss your pet’s progress and do a checkup.