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At The Cat Doctor, we cherish your Franklin cats as if they were own own. Our head veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Reichert, has been caring for cats ever since she was eight years old and looks forward to getting to know you and your cats and provide expertise on how to keep them healthy. In addition, to our staff having lots of experience, we also offer a friendly an environment as we know cats have trouble coming out of their home surroundings. Whether your new to the area, a new pet owner or just looking for a new veterinarian we welcome you and your pet into our veterinary practice.

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Cat Veterinary Services We Provide

We offer many veterinary services to your cats in the Franklin community including:

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Cat Friendly Certified

Besides our awesome staff and facilities, The Cat Doctor is also a Cat Friendly Certified Practice. Being Cat Certified means we abide by the rules established by the (AAFP) and (ISFM). Our facility, services, and protocols are all designed to reduce stress in cats and help make bringing them into the vet easier for everyone involved. We hope to change that, and give cats, and their devoted families more healthy, happy years together.

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